Use the device that best suits the time and place without sacrificing access to features and services without loss of functionality. Conferencing, voice and instant messaging from any device.

  • Access your communications outside the office from your tablet or smartphone.
  • Support advanced communications from B.Y.O.D. devices.

Unified Communications from All Your Devices, at Any Time


Your voice and video calls, instant messages and voice messages will find you:

  • Simultaneously ring up to five devices or numbers including desk phone, tablet and mobile phone
  • Shift calls between devices

Change your routing rules from outside the office:

  • Create pre-saved locations such as in office, home office and mobile
  • Enable routing rules based on your active location

Show your status and see the status of others from your PC, tablet, deskphone and smartphone:

  • Available
  • On call
  • Busy
  • Away on Business

     Hand-off calls between smartphones and tablets.

Bring Your Own Device (B.Y.O.D.)

Access voice, video, chat and collaboration from your tablet. The perfect solution for mobile workers and B.Y.O.D.


Access all your business communications from your smartphone, with all the features and call control found on office deskphones. The perfect solution for workers on the go and B.Y.O.D.

           Android Smartphone

           Android Smartphone

            Android Smartphone

            Android Smartphone

                                                                                     Apple iPhone

                                                                                     Apple iPhone

Rapid Session Shift

Use a Mobility Key to transfer a call back and forth from your office phone to your cellphone.  With Rapid Session Shift technology, seamlessly hand off calls between any devices, including:

  • Cellphone 
  • Office phone  or conference phone 
  • Tablet
  • Smart board