Cloud Overlay Services

If you are not ready to go “all in” with a hosted voice solution, or if want to maintain your existing investment, you can still enhance services by deploying cloud-based unified communications, video and B.Y.O.D. services while maintaining your existing voice communications infrastructure.

Roll Out Voice, Video, B.Y.O.D., Collaboration and Unified Communications Services in any Combination or Configuration

Whether your business is considering a full cloud solution or a partial cloud solution, Grapevine can offer a configuration that easily adapts to your needs. In any combination of applications or geographical configuration, Cloud Deployments are a more cost-effective option when rolling out VoIP, Video, B.Y.O.D., collaboration and Unified Communications services across your organization.

Same Technology On-Premise or In-Cloud

  • Eliminate technology complexity. Stay current with the latest services and features while eliminating technology complexity and time spent managing your communications infrastructure.
  • Adaptable to all applications, IP telephony, hybrid cloud, IP/TDM/Analog/SIP, fax, video, unified communications, collaboration, B.Y.O.D.

Hybrid Deployment

  • Deploy OpenTouch over existing equipment such as a current enterprise PBX.
  • Take advantage of new features and services while reusing existing investment and existing equipment.
  • Deploy digital or analog telephone sets that connect to OpenTouch through a secure gateway when VoIP is not practical.

Flexible Cloud Overlay

  • Introduce your staff to secure point-to-point video and multi-point video accessible via the cloud from  their iPads and smart phones but continue to use existing PBX hardware for traditional voice calling.
  • Enable hosted voice and desktop collaboration such as a B.Y.O.D. service for mobile workers but continue to use existing UC platform in administrative offices.
  • Roll out hosted voice at new remote sites while continuing to use existing  communications systems at current sites and headquarters.

Overlay Advanced Tools to Your Existing System

Equip power users and remote workers  advanced communication apps without having to forklift existing systems:

  • Unified communications
  • Mobile clients
  • Status notifications
  • Collaboration tools